May 29, 2012

chemistry - a love story

A clever Grade 10 student came up with this video for his class project:

I hope he got a good grade!

April 9, 2012

If a three year old can do this, can you?

Listen to this 3 year old sing the elements song:

Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame also can sing it:

 and, of course, the original version by Tom Lehrer:

April 5, 2012

bouncing bubbles

Here is a how-to on making bubbles that don't break so easily:

The trick is to add glycerin to Dawn dish soap (for some reason it is the best for bubbles) and let it sit overnight.  That allows the glycerin to crosslink with the soap and create a stronger bond when blown.

You need to have some cotton or soft knit gloves to hold the bubbles and bounce them.

There is another option using dry ice to make fog filled bubbles too:

Steven Spangler's boo bubbles

February 22, 2012

Chemistry inspired jewelry!

Raven Hanna of Made with Molecules (esty site: has traded on her chemistry knowledge to produce these beautiful silver necklaces "made with molecules".  There is everything from the omnipresent caffeine
 to an endorphin choker,
to a beautiful red wine (resevratrol) pendant.

January 13, 2012

what does an arsole look like?

Not what you were thinking...but is still a ring!
For more info on ths compound go to ChemSpider 

Here is a site that collects chemicals with unusual names - chemists can have a sense of humour when naming chemicals!

Paul May has even written a book based on the website: