January 20, 2015

Retrosynthetic Rummy!


Retrosynthetic Rummy: A Synthetic Organic Chemistry Card Game

Jeffrey M. Carney*

ABSTRACT: A deck of cards and a card game have been developed in an

effort to make practicing organic chemistry and synthesis more fun for

students. The game is played as a variation of rummy, in which players

 sets of similar cards and runs of cards in a synthetic sequence. This card

 reviews knowledge of functional groups and reaction types and requires

an ability to place many organic transformations in an appropriate order

to synthesize target molecules. The game was used as a method to review

second year organic reactions for third- and fourth-year students at the

beginning of a course in advanced organic chemistry. Students enjoyed

the game and even gathered to play it outside of class. Additionally,

the deck of cards was constructed so it can function to give a variety

of classic card games a chemistry theme.

You can download the deck and instructions as Supplementary info!