March 26, 2011

the database we love and just hate a little...

The blog, Chemjobber, just posted some new taglines for Scifinder - wonder if the ACS will pick some up?
First 5:

SciFinder: Two weeks in the lab will save you two hours with me.

SciFinder: Find the reaction you want? What am I -- Google?

SciFinder: Destroying your original proposal ideas one hit at a time.

SciFinder: Yes, the Egyptian Journal of Chemistry really does exist.

(Web) SciFinder: Time to get a cup of coffee... in Colombia!

and his very inventive followers have added tons more in the comments!!

March 20, 2011

addicted to sudoku?

Well here is a chemistry version!

An online version is available from the University of Hull Chemistry Dept:
chemistry su doku

and the Royal Society of Chemistry also published some sudoku books but they seem to be out of print now...bummer!

and a life without chemistry?


Mr. Bean does chemistry...